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For more than 50 years Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports has been the most trusted name for German imports. Ernst Licht himself, spent years of importing German products and making custom dirndls for his local club. A German immigrant, Ernst Licht opened his doors to provide his fellow Americans a taste of German culture. He did this to ensure that people had the opportunity to celebrate their heritage. Also for new comers to see what German culture is all about. Therefore, our store provides the latest fashions and gifts from Ernie’s homeland. In conclusion, years of hard work, including festivals all over the USA, was the beginning of our company. This all lead to our main store located in Oley, PA.

Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports is now in its second-generation, owned by Ernie’s son Daniel Licht. Still manufacturing items in store, we have expanded our German imported products into a vast collection. We take pride in maintaining the same family values in our business, while also keeping our company strong and growing. Still a family run business, we are also expanding our horizons. Making sure we are able to offer the best quality items, and the highest quality of customer service.

Ernst Licht Embroidery and German Imports holds true to its values of providing the highest quality and most authentic products. In addition, we do all of this with exceptional customer service.


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