Here you will find all of your questions about sizing and measuring answered.

Hat Sizing

When figuring out sizing for your hat, measure the circumference of your head. Approximately 1″ above your ear (Wherever you want your hat to rest).

U.S 6 ½6 6 77 7 7 ½7
Head Size 20 ½” 20 ¾”21⅛” 21½”2122¼”2223″23½”23⅞” 24¼”

Shoe Sizing

Men’s Shoes

U.S.7 ½88 1/299 ½1010 ½1111 ½12

Women’s Shoes

U.S.55 ½66 ½77 ½88 ½99 1/2

Men’s Lederhosen Size Chart

***We recommend 1 to 2 sizes larger than your normal waist size***

lederhosen sizing chart

How to Measure Suspenders

  1. Put on lederhosen

    Use a flexible tape measure

  2. Hold the beginning of the tape

    At the front left button on the waistband of the lederhosen

  3. Take the measuring tape

    Straight up the chest, and over the left shoulder

  4. Continue down the back

    Towards the back right button on the waistband

  5. Multiply the measurements

    In inches by 2.54 to convert into centimeters

  6. Round up

    To the suspenders size closest to the centimeters you get

Example: 45″ multiplied by 2.54 equals 114.3 centimeters. You would then order a 115.

Men’s Dress Shirt Size Chart

***for neck size measure around your neck***

Neck Size14”14.5”15”15.5”16”16.5”17”17.5”18”18.5”19”

Vest Size Chart

Vest Size3638404244464850525456
Chest (inches)3840.54143.546484951545659.5
Waist (inches)3436384042444648525458.5

Ladies Sizing Chart

dirndl sizing chart
  • Bust: Measure under the arms, around the fullest part of your bust
  • Waist: Measure the smallest part of your natural waistline. In other words, where a belt would be worn.
  • Finished Skirt Length: Measure from the waistline, to the length of the skirt.

***Dress sizes are typically 1-2 sizes smaller than your normal clothing size***

Bust33 ½35373941434547 ½5051 ½55
Waist25 ½27293133353739 ½4244 ½47
Finished Skirt Length (regular dirndls)25 ½2626 ½2727 ½2828 ½29292929
Finished Skirt Length (mini dirndls)2020 ½2121 ½2222 ½2323 ½23 ½23 ½23 ½
Finished Skirt Length (long dirndls)3232333334343535353535

Ladies Lederhosen Size Chart

U.S. size4681012141618
Side length15”15 ½”15 ½”15 ½”15 ½”15 ½”16”16”

***If your dirndl is a size 2-10, then order a small apron. Or if your dirndl is a size 12-14, then order a medium apron. For sizes 16 and 18, order a large apron. And for sizes 20 and up order an XL apron.***

Children’s Sizing Charts

How To Measure

  • Chest: Measure under the arms and around chest, measuring tape should be snug, not too tight.
  • Waist: Measure the smallest part of the natural waistline, where a belt would be worn.

Children’s Dirndl Chart

Chest21½”22 ½”23 ½”25”26”27”28”29”30”31”33”35”
Waist20”21”22”22 ½”23 ½”24”24”25”26”27”28”29”
Finished Skirt Length8”10”11 ½”13”14 ½”16”17”18”19”22”24”26”

Children’s Lederhosen Chart

U.S. Size12345678910111213141516
German Size869298104110116122128134140146152158164170176
Side Length11”11 ½”11 ½”12”12”12 ½”13 ½”13 ½”14”14”14 ½”15”15”15”15 ½”16”
Suspender Size55606065657070757575808085859090

For any other questions, please give us a call at 610-987-3298 so we can further assist you!

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