How To Dress For Oktoberfest

An Oktoberfest Guide for Women and Men

Women’s Dirndl

german womens dirndl

A traditional German dirndl can be a simple but elegant way to dress for Oktoberfest. Dirndls can be long, medium, or mini. Even the more modern dirndl designs can be intricate, flattering and beautiful. Choose from our huge selection of German dirndls and create your perfect Oktoberfest outfit.

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The Dirndl Blouse

A dirndl is usually worn with a white blouse underneath. Because it isn’t fully seen underneath the dirndl, the blouse can be short or long. One way to choose your Oktoberfest look is by the style of your neckline design, low or high. Younger girls normally choose to be more conservative. Adult women can be more fun and daring during Oktoberfest. When choosing your dirndl blouse, consider the lace features on the puffy sleeves. These unique and varied designs complement the dirndl and make you stand out in the Oktoberfest crowd.

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How to wear an apron at Oktoberfest

Apron fashions for Oktoberfest sends a message to those around you. It depends on how you wear it. If you tie your apron on the right side, then you are in a relationship or married. If you wear it on the left side, then you are single. Wearing the apron bow in the middle means you are a virgin. When you tie the bow in the back, it means you are a widower.

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Oktoberfest Costumes

For those looking for a less expensive alternative to a traditional German dirndl, we offer a German costume section. Avoid that tacky American “beer fest” look! Our classy, authentic-looking Oktoberfest costumes are complete outfits, including the apron and blouse.

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German Trachten Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is always the main priority at an Oktoberfest, where there may be thousands of people gathering. When you’re dancing, walking and partying for an entire day, wearing heels isn’t always practical. Most German women wear classic Mary Jane flats, black with a buckle over the top of your foot. Some opt for a “dirndl pump”. This is a pump with a chunkier heel and the classic buckle over top.

Putting your safety ahead of fashion is a necessity. Beer steins can break, so for safety, avoid open-toed shoes at Oktoberfest. Also avoid any sort of long boots or cowboy boots. They look awkward with most Dirndl lengths and stick out like a sour thumb at German Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Fashion Accessories

For purses or wallets, the smallest option is always the smartest. The best option is a small purse that can hang around your body. Most tents don’t allow huge purses inside, and you also don’t want to be stuck juggling a 1-liter glass and a giant handbag.

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German Jewelry is always a fun way to express yourself at Oktoberfest. You can never go wrong with a classic edelweiss necklace and earrings. You can also feature a scarf around your shoulders, or a shawl to match your apron. Avoid using an umbrella as an accessory. They quickly become an inconvenience to pack and carry through an Oktoberfest crowd.

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Women’s Lederhosen

Do you want to branch out from the ordinary? Try one of our women’s lederhosen outfits. These are becoming very popular in Germany. Women’s lederhosen are not a traditional outfit like a dirndl and apron but many women find this more modern option to be very comfortable. Our women’s lederhosen resemble the men’s lederhosen, but with a shorter cut and tighter fit.

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Men’s Oktoberfest Outfits

The traditional German Lederhosen is the best option when dressing for Oktoberfest. At Ernst Licht we offer the highest quality leather lederhosen to the most affordable traditional costumes.

german mens lederhosen

Lederhosen directly translates to “leather pants”. This is the main outfit you see men sporting at Oktoberfest. They can come in multiple styles, but the main ones are Bundhosen and Plattlerhosen. Matching suspenders are available. All of our lederhosen feature traditional white, tan or green embroidery.

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Imported vs. Domestic Lederhosen

Imported from Germany: Lederhosen we import from Germany are authentic. These German imports provide the highest quality leather. Buying lederhosen at Oktoberfest is much more expensive, so buy before you travel. You should break in your lederhosen before wearing them all day. You may also need alterations or a custom size, so always plan ahead for these events.

USA-Made: We offer different styles made at our Oley, PA location. They come in the traditional black or in the more modern brown style. They are embroidered and hand sewn leather by our seamstresses. This provides an authentic lederhosen to meet all your German Bavarian needs for Oktoberfest.

Types of Leather used to make lederhosen

  • Cow leather: made from cow is the most affordable leather offered by Ernst Licht. It is great for Oktoberfest events or Halloween.
  • Goat leather: made from goat is a great combination of durability and pricing. More durable than cow leather, goat leather is also softer.
  • Laponia: the highest quality of leather sold at Ernst Licht. This is a durable leather with a smooth texture for a professional appearance. Lederhosen made from this are perfect for dancers and customers wanting a sturdy garment.

As a bonus tip for men, buying yourself one good pair of Lederhosen is always a good investment. They are made to never need to be washed, and the style is the “dirtier” the better. Sizing up is also recommended, because the traditional look is a more loose fit.

Lederhosen Sizing Charts

German Suspenders

Suspenders are as much of a German staple as lederhosen. These are made to hold your lederhosen up and are also an opportunity to show off with your chest plate. Chest plates are usually embroidered, and these can be custom made. A cross piece for the back of your suspenders is also recommended, so lederhosen won’t slide higher up than you want them to while adventuring around Oktoberfest.

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Men’s Shirts for Oktoberfest

Wearing a shirt underneath your suspenders is a must. Usually they are embellished with stags and embroidered with designs. Traditional Oktoberfest shirts are checkered, plain white or tan. Wearing a nice collared shirt is a comfortable way to walk around Oktoberfest.

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German Hats, Feathers and Hat Pins

Men’s traditional German Oktoberfest fashion always includes a hat.

Our Alpine hats will have you blending right in, and make you very fashionable.

Want a more extravagant look? Our Miesbacher hat is the number one option when you want to stand out in the crowd. It’s customary to add a feather to the left side of your Miesbacher hat.

Another option is to cover your hat in pins! Hat pins are a fun way to say “This is where I’m from and this is who I am”. Add just a few pins or cover your whole hat. We offer a huge collection of German hat pins for you to wear and trade.

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Men’s Oktoberfest Accessories

Knee high socks are the custom socks to wear with your lederhosen. It can become extremely cold at Oktoberfest so high, warm socks are a great option for keeping you warm. Wearing a thin jacket that you don’t mind getting beer spilled onto is a good option just in case the weather takes a turn.

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For more information, specifically about Oktoberfest and what to do, you can visit their official website.

Visit the Official German Oktoberfest site.

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