Gift Giving Guide

How to Choose the Perfect Gift

Gift giving can be stressful, but here at Ernst Licht we try to make it as simple as possible. Here you will find the perfect present guide for that family member or friend who enjoy showing off their German pride. Whether it’s for Christmas, or someone special’s birthday, here is the perfect guide for you.

Gifts for Women

A nice apron is always a thoughtful and convenient present. We feature novelty aprons, for those wanting to add a hint of humor in their gift giving. We also have German purses/wallets available, which is the perfect present for those wanting a useful item that still shows their German pride. Both of these are funny, useful, and practical.

Gifts for Men

If you know a man who is as in love with his German Heritage as he is with his car hobby, then German decals are the perfect gift. We feature simple German decals, to prideful German license plate holders. All of these can feature the German flag, or even the words Bavarian or Deutschland.

Gifts for Children

Ernst Licht even offers an option for giving a child the perfect gift. Soft adorable dolls are perfect for young children. Also we feature stuffed animals. Like the classic and ever lasting teddy bear. They come fully clothed in traditional German garb, so the kids can even play dress up with these cute gifts.

For Mom

German coffee mugs are becoming just as popular as German beer steins. When your mom is coming home from a long day at work or came in from the cold, she finds nothing is better than a hot mug of coffee. We have available many design patterns. Such as dem lieben mugs, edelweiss mugs, and city crests mugs.  Everything a proud German mother could want to own.

For Dad

Your father would love a brand new knife, whether its for hunting, or just for work around the house. We feature different handle designs such as deer feet and stag horn. All of our knives come with a real leather sheath. They range for 6″ to 12″, and are the perfect present for those hunters in your family.

For Grandma

If you want to give your grandmother something special to cherish, this fine jewelry is it. We offer pendants and other fine collectibles, but every woman loves a beautiful pair of earrings. We offer a vast collection of Sterling Silver and Gold earrings. Perfect for someone as loving and special as a grandmother.

For Grandpa

We feature a collection of German novelty hats. These are perfect to wear around Oktoberfest or even when you want to show off your German pride. These colorful German characteristics are the perfect gift for those honorable Germans. These are perfect for a strong and proud German Grandfather.

Gifts for German Clubs

Traditional hats are a staple for all German clubs. Miesbacher hats are authentic and intricate hats that most club members own. They are available for men and women. Another option would be vest chains, or charivari. Or even choosing from the assortment of pins we have. Your friend or loved one involved in a German group will thank you.

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