What do ladies wear for Oktoberfest? Dirndls!

What do ladies wear for Oktoberfest? Dirndls!


Help! You’ve been invited to an Oktoberfest but you have no clue what to wear! This post will give you the basics to help you fit the part.  Whether it’s the original festival held in Munich Germany or an backyard event, we’ll give you the choice so you can pick your perfect outfit.

What are the basic of an Oktoberfest outfit?

There are three main parts to an Oktoberfest outfit for women and girls.

  1. Dirndl (German dress)
  2. Apron
  3. Blouse

A Dirndl is the authentic and traditional Bavarian dress for German women, a part of the traditional “trachten” costumes that have been worn throughout Oktoberfest history. While the men wear lederhosen (leather pants), the women have traditionally worn dirndls, although there are some very stylish version of lederhosen are available for women.

Check them out on our page by clicking here.

Most commonly worn to Oktoberfests are dirndls. Dirndls come in various lengths: Mini (slightly above the knee), average (mid-calf) and long (ankle-length). Younger or shorter women tend for mini length however average length is what you will see most often.  Long dirndls are more formal and worn by older women.

The apron is often the most over looked part of the outfit.  To not wear an apron with your dirndl can be considered offensive and not something you want to do! Most dirndls will come with their own apron but there are select styles carried by Ernst Licht that allow you to pick your own apron.  Traditional aprons are white however they can be very colorful too in order to match your dirndl.

Lastly you will need a blouse.  Blouses come in two lengths- short and long. They also contain a variety of neckline but often include lace or ruffles around the edge.  Short blouses typically fall to right below the bust line and are lined with elastic to give a tighter fit.  Long blouses fall waist length and do not have elastic.  Because the bottom of your blouse should be fully under your dirndl, the wearer is able to choose whatever style she finds most comfortable. Many of the blouses come with adjustable ties on the bust line to allow for the desired amount of coverage.

What about accessories for my dirndl?

Just like dressing up for a ball or wedding, you will want to have the proper accessories.  They include jewelry like a necklace and earrings as well as a shoes.

Typical German jewelry includes an edelweiss (the unofficial Oktoberfest flower) charm and can come on a chain or ribbon.  Matching earrings with colored gems is always a great option too.

Shoes are another topic we are asked about frequently. Most Oktoberfests last a couple of hours.  Pick footwear that is comfortable to walk and stand in for extended periods of time.  A simple pair of ballet flats or sandals is appropriate.  Pumps are also fitting and typically worn.

Where can you buy an authentic dirndl?

Always open for shopping is our website.  There you will see the latest fashions from German as well as traditional elaborately embroidered dirndls to keep with tradition.

Ernst Licht also has a store located in Oley, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  Here you will find everything we have online and then some! You’ll also find some special sale items not listed online.  Coming to our store will also give you the option to have custom alterations completed on your dirndl to give you the perfect fit.

Buying a dirndl in Germany

The Girl Scouts say it best, “Be prepared!”  While purchasing a dirndl when you arrive in Munich for Oktoberfest might seem appealing there are some things to remember.

  1. Price!  You will pay significantly more for your dirndl in Germany during Oktoberfest season.
  2. You will not have the variety you like.  Most women will purchase their dirndl months before their trip.  All the good ones will be gone!  You’ll be left with the size and styles that others have discarded.
  3. You leave no time for alterations.  Dirndls are to “fit like a glove”. Purchasing one in Germany gives you no time to have custom alterations completed to get the perfect dirndl look.

Let your shopping in Germany be for the fun things, not the necessary things.  Top souvenirs you can keep you eyes out for are Christmas items, Birkenstock Shoes, German chocolate and nut crackers!  Focusing on finding the right dirndl means less time for the fun stuff!

A best and safest option is to purchase your dirndl, blouse and apron before you head to Oktoberfest. This will let you pick from the best variety, have it altered to fit perfectly and give you the ease of mind to know you don’t have to worry about what to buy once you arrive.

Still have questions? We are here to help or check out this great post by the Official Oktoberfest.  Please call our shop at 610-987-3298 and we will help you pick out the perfect dirndl!

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