Authentic German Clocks from Black Forest Germany

Authentic German Clocks


Black Forest cuckoo clocks are some of the best-known and most beloved examples of German handiwork. If you’re searching for unique German gifts, then be sure to take a look at all of our wonderful clocks. These clocks delight people of all ages. Collectors know just how valuable these artisan products have become over the years. Whether you belong to a German-American heritage organization, or simply want to find marvelous decorative items, these Black Forest cuckoo clocks are sure to find a treasured place in your home.

You may have seen Black Forest clocks in different catalogs, or perhaps on sale at Oktoberfest events. Here at Ernst Licht, we take pride in importing only the very best examples of this art. These unique items are undeniably German, marking some of the best workmanship in our heritage. For this reason, only cuckoo clocks lovingly handcrafted in the Old World will do.

Each of our german cuckoo clocks is so extraordinarily unique–the combination of painstaking detail with intricate workings and fascinating half and full hour activities and music results in collectible items like no other. We consider our cuckoo clocks to be, perhaps, the most intriguing items in our German gift shop.