Dirndl Accessories for Oktoberfest

Dirndl Accessories for Oktoberfest


Five Trending Dirndl Accessories for Oktoberfest

Once you have the basic of your German Oktoberfest outfit- a dirndl, blouse and apron- it’s time for the fun part.  Accessories!  Here we outline the top 5 things you need to think about to top off your outfit and have the German boys smiling at you.

1.Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

High heals, booties, ballet flats and sandals are all great choices for your dirndl.  Which you will choose depends on a couple factors- the weather and your activity level.  For chilly nights, booties or even knee high boots give you the warm needed to keep your toes warm.  Careful considerations also need to be made if you are one who loves to participate in Oktoberfest dancing and drinking.  Heels, although they look adorable, are not always ideal for a dirndl if you are going to be on your feet for several hours. Hence, wearing the right Oktoberfest shoes is very important. Close-toed flats shoes are the most comfortable for Oktoberfest and a timeless classic.

Adding in a classic pair of German lace socks will top off any outfit!

2. Find the Right Hat for Your Taste

Two types of hats are very popular for Oktoberfest- the tanker style or alpine style hats.  Like any other hat, it’s all about personal preference for which style and color you pick.  It does not have to match your dirndl but as always, that’s a great plus! Traditional German hats for woman are red with cording around the brim.  Details like a feather or edelweiss medallion often adorn the cording.

3. Sparkle with the Right Jewel

What girl doesn’t love accessorizing her outfit with a nice necklace or pair of earrings?!?!  Traditional German jewelry themes feature things like edelweiss, the unofficial flower of Germany, hearts, pretzels and deer (stag heads, pieces of antlers or even bone). There are many styles and lengths of necklaces but a choker style is very popular. The choker is usually made from a soft stretchy velvet for comfort.

Check out all of our jewelry here!

3. Carry the right wallet

Wallet size coin purses make a great addition to your Oktoberfest outfit.  They typically have a loop on the back which fits around your apron ties for easy hands free carrying of the import things at any Oktoberfest- money, an ID and chapstick! There are also many cute purses that are larger with cross-body straps that allow you to enjoy your Oktoberfest but give you extra room to carry things.  The wallet and purse are typically made from wool or leather and are adorn with the unofficial flower of Germany, an edelweiss.

5. Belts for not so Girly Girls

Charivari and Meider chain. For the ladies, it is imperative to have accessories to match with their Bavarian-style pants
or authentic dirndls. Designers have introduced leather belts, equipped with traditional Charivari chains and decorative pendants, going the extra mile to offer the graceful, delicate look. This style is
a perfect combination for the girls who like to dress up rather aristocratically.

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