What accessories can liven up your Dirndl this Oktoberfest?

What accessories can liven up your Dirndl this Oktoberfest?


What accessories can liven up your Dirndl this Oktoberfest

A widely famous annual festival, the Oktoberfest sees people from within Germany and across the globe thronging the city to be a part of the unique celebrations. It is the world’s largest beer festival, which goes on over a period of 2 weeks in Munich, Germany. The festival is planned in a way that the first Sunday of October month is the last day of the fun-filled Oktoberfest. The globally famous Oktoberfest runs for a period of 16 days attracting a whopping 6 million people (approximately) each year. Economically, the city’s treasury earns around 450million euros each year from the festival alone.

Bavarian music, flowing beer, and people dressed in traditional yet affordable Oktoberfest clothing are
the usual trademarks of the festivities.

Authentic Dirndls, German Lederhosen, and fancy accessories are the spectacular highlight of the grand

Why Is It Celebrated?

The festival goes back to the year 1810 when the royal wedding between Bavaria’s Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxon-Hildburghausen took place. Held on 12 th October 1810, the wedding celebrations were carried on for several days with loud music, dance, drink, and horse races.

The celebrations later became an annual ritual of festivities, celebrations, and fun.

Owing to pleasant weather conditions in the month of September, the festivities were postponed to September and held in a manner that ended on the first Sunday of October every year.

Authentic Dirndls -The Usual Dress Code for Women Oktoberfest

Even though there is no written rule regarding the dress code for women, authentic german dirndls remain the traditional and preferred attire worn by women attending the Oktoberfest. The authentic Dirndl keeps up with the festive mood and lures foreigners attending the festival to mingle with the local population by donning the dirndl.

An authentic german dirndl consists of a white blouse, long skirt/dirndl dress, and an apron tied around the waist.


The traditional dirndl dress went right below the knees. Nowadays, however, the dresses are available in varying lengths from long dirndl (which extends a little above the ankle), middle length dirndl (which extends from the shin to below the knee), and short dirndl (that ends above the knees). The dirndl is available in vibrant colors such as red, pink, blue, green, yellow, etc, and various fancy fabrics such as
silk, cotton, brocade, and satin.

The second essential part of the dirndl is the blouse. Mostly popular in white color. The blouse is available in several styles such as frill, lace, net, covered or poofy shoulder, short sleeve.

Apron forms the third integral part of the dress that adds to the style factor of the dirndl. They are usually available in cotton or satin fabric enhancing the look of the authentic german dirndl.

The Style and Significance of the Oktoberfest Apron as an accessory

Accessories form an integral part of the traditional dirndl. Finding the ideal fabric and color of an Oktoberfest Apron is an essential task to complete the traditional Oktoberfest Dirndl look. The apron is tied around the dirndl using a bow that is tied in a specified manner.
As per the local traditions, tying the bow on a particular side signifies the relationship status of the lady wearing it.
a. A bow on the left side is considered a signal of being single.
b. A bow on the right side represents a lady who is married or taken.
c. A bow in the middle is worn by children.
d. A bow on the back represents either a widowed lady or one serving as a waitress.

Other Popular accessories teamed with the Authentic Dirndl include Jewelry, Traditional chains, or tattoo

Adding an elegant piece of jewelry is a must when wearing a dirndl for the Oktoberfest. A ribbon choker, bracelet, or a Weiss necklace are the popularly used accessories.

Bracelets are generally made from metal, leather or ribbon and follow the same theme as the dress.

The highly popular and trendy accessory that brightens up the Dirndl is the Traditional chain filled with hanging coins. The chain is added to the front of the dress and livens up the dirndl. Another reason for their popularity is that some chains are carried on from several generations as a family heirloom.

The temporary flash tattoos are the latest accessory to be used quite commonly when wearing a dirndl in the Oktoberfest. These tattoos are cheap and attractive with the light reflecting on their metallic shine.

Shoes that compliment a Dirndl dress

The Oktoberfest Footwear forms a significant part of ladies grooming for the Oktoberfest. Some traditional Oktoberfest footwear is the Mary Jane or flats worn by the women. These shoes are characterized by cleated toes and heels coupled with comfortable rubber sole.

The other shoes preferred as a part of the Oktoberfest women’s shoes include Dirndl pumps and ankle boots made with leather. Show the creatively and one-of-a-kind design, our Leather jacket design consultants will communicate with you about the style, leather material, hardware, size, embroidery, etc.

The pumps are known by their buckle strap and thick high heels while the ankle boots are popular for the fancy lace that goes above the ankle. The Mary Jane, however, remains the most popular footwear for the Oktoberfest

Fancy purses and bags that stand out as an indispensable accessory

Purses or bags are a key accessory with the Dirndl to be carried at the Oktoberfest. Since large bags or purses are not allowed inside the beer tents at the Oktoberfest, it is recommended to carry small clutches, dirndl wallets, or small crossbody purses. The dirndl apron purse or dirndl wallet are fancy wallets that are tied to the front of the apron with the dress material of the dirndl. The small crossbody purse is the perfect choice to go with the dirndl. It is beautifully compact and keeps the owner handsfree to move around and enjoy the festival.

It is thus an ideal blend of the traditional dirndl with the unique and classy accessories that make the dirndl stand out from regular clothes. This is also the reason people coming from far and wide prefer to dress the traditional dirndl way and bask in its traditional beauty fabric and accessories.

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