Authentic German Lederhosen

Authentic German Lederhosen and Plattlerhosen for Men

Ernst Licht has a wide collection of men’s traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest lederhosen. Each design is created with authentic German lederhosen and tracht traditions in mind. We import our products from top manufacturers in Germany. In addition, we also design and produce our own styles at our Oley, PA location.

When you buy men’s lederhosen online through our store, you can find matching suspenders with traditional white, tan or green embroidery. At Ernst Licht, we offer a wide variety of choices varying in style, leather type, and origin.

Lederhosen imported from Germany are authentic. They all come from family-owned businesses that have carried on the tradition for generations. These German companies provide the highest-quality leather. These techniques provide you with a durable garment for years of use.

USA-Made: We also offer different styles made at our Oley, PA location. Embroidered and hand-sewn leather by our seamstresses. We provide authentic German lederhosen to meet all your Bavarian needs.

Worldwide Imports: With the demand so high, we import from places around the world. This is an affordable option for the casual wearer of traditional German male outfits. Our authentic men’s lederhosen are always checked for craftsmanship.

When you buy leather Bavarian lederhosen, another important factor is the type of leather you need.

Cow: Leather made from cow is the most affordable leather offered by Ernst Licht. It is great for Halloween costumes or Oktoberfest lederhosen.

Goat: Leather made from goat is a great combination of durability and pricing. More durable than cow leather, goat leather is also softer.

Laponia: This is the highest-quality of leather sold at Ernst Licht. Laponia is a durable leather with a smooth texture for a professional appearance. Pairs made from this are perfect for dancers and customers wanting a sturdy garment that will last for years to come.

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