• Traditional German Dirndls – Edda Dirndl

    Introducing the Edda Dirndl, in a beautiful floral pattern, imported from Germany. This lovely dirndl features a delicately patterned fabric that exudes elegance and charm. Complete with an embroidered lace apron and a hidden pocket on the right side, the Edda Dirndl is a must-have for those seeking truly enchanting traditional attire.

  • Traditional German Dirndls – Gisela Dirndl

    Introducing the exquisite Gisela Dirndl! Imported from Germany, this festive green dirndl is a true embodiment of traditional elegance. With its front zipper, lace-up metal front hooks adorned with ribbon, and a hidden pocket on the right side, it combines convenience with charm. The cotton bodice features a subtle flower design, while the polyester skirt and lace polyester apron complete the ensemble. Step into timeless style and celebrate in this stunning dirndl that captures the spirit of celebration.

  • Traditional German Dirndls – Anastasia Dirndl

    Introducing the exquisite Anastasia Dirndl, a stunning ensemble imported from Germany. This beautiful green and white dirndl showcases a mesmerizing marbled design, crafted from 100% cotton for utmost comfort. Adorned with intricate lace details and front hooks with white ribbon, this dirndl exudes elegance. Complete with a white lace polyester apron and a hidden pocket on the right side, the Anastasia Dirndl is a must-have for those seeking a touch of traditional charm with a modern twist.

  • Edelweiss Socks- Green

    Ladies green novelty edelweiss socks.


Ernst Licht – A Name Driven by Tradition and Authenticity

purple floral Oktoberfest German dirndl

Ernst Licht is the best German import company in the USA. You won’t find a better selection and variety of traditional women German clothing than with us. Since 1968 we have offered the traditional Trachten style with our German dance clothing. In addition, our German import dirndls offer a more modern style.

Our authentic Oktoberfest costumes are inspired from Bavarian and Alpine regions of Germany. A complete collection of women’s traditional and Oktoberfest costumes are available at Ernst Licht. You won’t beat our prices!
A vibrant array of German ladies dresses that include colorful traditional dirndls available with your choice of blouse, apron, and pettipants. Alpine and Bavarian blouses, traditional skirts, and authentic German jewelry are all available at Ernst Licht.

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